silver three knot bracelet

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The three knots on this sterling silver design offer an answer to the chaos and stress of everyday life. Each carries a reminder of what is really important. The first knot represents family and friends. The second health and vitality. And the third the essence that is uniquely you. (ring diameter .5 cm, chain 18 cm, adjustable) Packed quantity: 3

To receive this design in one of our luxurious presentation boxes, at an additional cost of £2.60, please select the boxed option.

Thumbnail silver three knot bracelet PriceQuantity
silver three knot bracelet - Unboxed (£17 per piece) (pack qty 3) Unboxed (£17 per piece) (pack qty 3) £51.00
silver three knot bracelet - Boxed (£19.60 per piece) (pack qty 3) Boxed (£19.60 per piece) (pack qty 3) £58.80

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