silver your moon necklace

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We live our lives by the light of the silvery moon. Waxing and waning, it accompanies us throughout our journey. The moon also symbolises the spiritual qualities of femininity: intuition, creativity and wisdom. Wear your sterling silver moon as a reminder of your hidden strengths. (diameter 1.2 cm, chain 45 cm) Packed quantity: 2

To receive this design in one of our luxurious presentation boxes, at an additional cost of £2.60, please select the boxed option.

Thumbnail silver your moon necklace PriceQuantity
silver your moon necklace - Unboxed (£20 per piece) (pack qty 2) Unboxed (£20 per piece) (pack qty 2) £40.00
silver your moon necklace - Boxed (£22.60 per piece) (pack qty 2) Boxed (£22.60 per piece) (pack qty 2) £45.20

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