word plaque – love

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These engraved plaques are about the power of words. Carry them in your purse or wallet – they’re designed to fit snugly in the credit card slot. Glance at your plaque from time to time. Remember the person who gave it to you. Never underestimate the power a wish can have on the world. (stainless steel, 85 x 54 mm: credit card size) Packed quantity: 2

To receive this design in one of our luxurious presentation boxes, at an additional cost of £2.60, please select the boxed option.

Thumbnail smlove PriceQuantity
word plaque - love - Unboxed (£13 per piece) (pack qty 2) Unboxed (£13 per piece) (pack qty 2) £26.00
word plaque - love - Boxed (£15.60 per piece) (pack qty 2) Boxed (£15.60 per piece) (pack qty 2) £31.20

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